Tuesdays are for Teaching Artists: Rose Van Dyne

Rose Van Dyne is a Teaching Artist with TADA! Youth Theater

It’s Tuesday, and you know what that means? Tuesdays are for Teaching Artists

Meet Rose Van Dyne (she/her/hers), a brand new Music Director teaching artist with TADA! Youth Theater.

Originally from Fort Collins, Colorado, Rose now resides in Manhattan, NYC. Currently, she is teaching our Middle School Semester Class and will be teaching one of our Hamilton Online Workshops this February. 

Get to know Rose a little better with this fun Q&A!

TADA!’s mission encapsulates so much of what it means to be human—people from a variety of backgrounds coming together to create and share joy in art. I’m proud to be part of an organization that invests in the emotional literacy and curiosity of the leaders of tomorrow!

Now more than ever we’re faced with the necessity to rediscover what brings us joy. In the midst of a difficult time, arts education provides a sanctuary and a learning space to allow young minds and hearts to express themselves freely!

I am so passionate about music and teaching is a wonderful way to share my love of this art form with the next generation!

“Dog Days are Over” by Florence and the Machine – This song helps me remember that every day is a new chance to have a great day!

Gudetama – the lovely, lazy egg who enjoys cuddling up on a cold day!

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Rose Van Dyne
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Teaching Artist