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TADA! needs your support to continue providing youth & teens with our FREE youth development, arts education, and unique musical theater programming.

We have been unpacking and examining what it means to be an antiracist, multicultural organization and a leader within the youth theater/arts education field.

As such, TADA! Youth Theater is committed to providing every child an opportunity to create, imagine, learn, and experience the joy of musical theater, regardless of race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ability, nationality, and immigration status.

We need your help!

TADA! is a second home to the youth we support, and they need their creative outlet now more than ever. We all know that this is a hard time for many. Please consider giving what you can to support these programs.

Current Programs that need your support!

The different ways you can support TADA!

Arts for all initiative

The Arts for All Initiative provides a new financial model for our class & camp tuition. TADA! will provide full-tuition sponsorships to students (like Isabella) who demonstrate a self-expressed need and identify as BIPOC.

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Members of the Arts Mentorship Program at their first talkback


The Arts Mentorship Program  AMPlifies off-stage theater career opportunities. BIPOC theater professionals (Mentors) are matched with our BIPOC Ensemble Teens (Mentees) to work with each other. All participants will be paid for their time.

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"In the face of such big challenges, it's easy to feel like our everyday actions are too small to make a difference. This is not true. The virtual experiences TADA! is enabling for kids right now are hugely important and impactful, even as we look forward to getting back to in-person at some point. Every time a child gets an opportunity to express themselves, to be accepted by a peer group, to be heard and taken seriously by adults, to build empathy with people who don't look like them, that is a brick in the foundation of the future. Every time a parent in lockdown gets an hour of productivity or peace because their child is engaged in something wholesome, that is an opportunity for vital work, self-care, or self-education. The way through this will be in the cumulative impact of many small, individual actions, and every day TADA! is creating safe moments of choice and learning, so the next generation has the tools to be their best selves, and each other's best allies, at every moment. When it comes to understanding our impact, no one says it better than the youth and families of TADA!. Check out the videos below."
Chalmers Browne
President of the TADA! Board of Directors

TADA! Youth Theater is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, tax ID #13-3311294.

All gifts and charitable contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.​