Tuesdays are for Teaching Artists: Chris Bell

It’s Tuesday, and you know what that means? Tuesdays are for Teaching ArtistsMeet Chris Bell (he/him), who is a returning Director/Choreographer teaching artist at TADA! Youth Theater.

Originally from San Antonio, TX, Chris now resides in Long Island City, Queens.

Get to know Chris a little better with this fun Q&A!

Being able to co create high quality work with future artists while teaching new skills and inspiring further self discovery.

Arts education is and has always been important. It helps people better beagle to dislike the world around them better to themselves and other.

I love the free continuing education I get from the students. I am always learning new things, it keeps me current.

Lieber and Stoller’s “Is That All There Is?” The Peggy Lee is the hit but have you heard the Leslie Uggams?

I’ve got a wild imagination and a tendency of finding myself in interesting situations so I’ll say a cross between Frank Abagnale, Jr. (from Catch Me If You Can) and Edward Bloom (from Big Fish)… but in a good way. 

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Chris Bell
Job Title
Teaching Artist