Notes from Nina: My Thanks and Giving

Hi TADA! Friends and Family,
Normally an email around this time of year would start with “Happy Thanksgiving,” however it’s important to acknowledge it is not a happy day for all. I like the idea of a day to give thanks, but I don’t love what was done to the Native People of this land by the European Settlers. So, while I give thanks, I am also reflecting on the lives lost and the continued harm that colonization caused and is causing people. 
When I would travel on Thanksgiving and go to my sister’s, I remember going around the table and saying what each of us was thankful for. Although I’m not traveling this year and not sitting around a table, here’s my TADA! Thankful List: 
You, My Family (the ones that I am related to and the ones that I’ve chosen)
  • My beloved children:
    • Resident Youth Ensemble Members of TADA! (RYET)
    • TADA!’s Alumni Members. I’m thankful that I did not actually give birth to all of them. I am thankful beyond words for one special Alumni Member who I actually did give birth to– Ceanna.
  • Dedicated RYET and Alumni Parents 
  • TADA!’s hardworking and talented Staff, TA’s, Artists, and Crew
  • TADA!’s incredible Board of Directors and Artistic Advisory Board Members
  • All of TADA!’s amazing and generous Donors
You, My Friends
  • Many who intersect with the list above in almost every bullet point
  • The Shorty Club and other LHS friends, my UK friends and my non-TADA! friends
  • Past staff who are now some of my best friends
All the people involved in and who I’ve met through TYA and Youth INC that are helping me, personally, and TADA! grow and change.
  • Zoom: so I can still see My Family and be in meetings and webinars, and so families from near and far can take part in TADA! 
  • YouTube: so TADA!’s Productions can still be seen
  • StreamYard: so RYET members can perform in live Cabarets
  • Facebook & Instagram: so I can see what everyone is up to or at least what they want us to know
Books, TV, Movies, Games, and Theater online (to stay entertained and to escape) 
Food and Drink (I mean it still is Thanksgiving!)
I hope that TADA! is on your Thankful list. We were able to entertain, teach, learn, create and have fun during FY20. Please read (or skim– the pictures are niceTADA!’s FY20 Annual Report.
One last thing to be thankful for– Giving Tuesday is December 1st. Yes, it’s December in just a few days. Can you believe it? All gifts made to TADA! on Tuesday will be matched by an anonymous donor! When you give, TADA! is able to continue to give to all of our families. 


Janine Nina Trevens
Executive & Producing Artistic Director