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Musical Theater Training


Youth Development

Positive Youth Development Program​

The Resident Youth Ensemble of TADA!, also known as RYET (pronounced “right”) is a FREE, NYC-based, year-round program offering musical theater training, musical theater classes, musical theater performances, and youth development programming composed of 40-60 talented youth, children, and kids, ages 8-18. 

Each year, 10 to 30 new members gain membership through an open audition process. No previous training or experience is required – just innate talent, interest and availability; and nothing needs to be prepared for the audition. Once in the RYET Program, Members can participate FOR FREE until they graduate from high school. RYET Members have the opportunity to perform in Mainstage productions and workshops at TADA! Youth Theater and at special events throughout New York City.

Membership is audition based and lasts until RYET Members graduate high school. Benefits include performance opportunities in our mainstage shows and special events, classes and workshops for various theater related topics (jazz, tap, monologue work, improv, etc.), audition prep help for schools, social events and holiday parties, and other opportunities that pop up throughout the year. Programming is typically after school on Wednesday-Saturdays during the school year (with few Tuesdays and Sundays thrown in during productions) and Tuesdays-Saturdays during the summer.

We don’t require auditionees to prepare anything in advance! Once the potential new member arrives on their audition date, they’ll learn a song and dance number from our musical director and choreographer. There are callbacks after auditions and then we make final selections. 

How many productions/program offerings in which each RYET Member participates depends on their availability, what roles are available, and how ready they are for a part. Every RYET Member’s year is slightly different since our program is so customizable. Classes are held on a sign-up basis, so RYET Members only sign up for the classes they’re available to attend. 

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Here at TADA!, New York City's diversity is reflected on our stage.

TADA! provides an environment where youth and teens can be themselves. This acceptance extends to sexual orientation, gender expression, language, physical ability, and other individual characteristics.

Because Members of the Resident Youth Ensemble are from different socioeconomic and neighborhood groups, this provides each member with a truly unique experience in which they have the opportunity to learn from and interact with other young people that they would not have otherwise known or been able to call friends. By bringing these diverse children and teens together, we help them expand their horizons and better understand those who have different backgrounds from themselves. We have seen time and time again that this social learning experience builds empathy, compassion, and tolerance invaluable to their lives.

TADA! provides a Professional Theater Environment for Youth.

By modeling a professional theater environment in our approach to working with young people, we instill in them a strong sense of community, creative expression, confidence, and an awareness of their ability to evoke change in the world around them. Young people learn how to inhabit a character, enhance memorization skills, work collectively and individually, develop stamina and fortitude, take risks, try new things, and hone new skills.

For more about our Artistic Process, click here

  • Training in theater etiquette, dance (beginning and intermediate), voice (singing and speaking), and acting (monologue, improv and scene study) through private and group classes, rehearsals & performances. 
  • New Musical Development and Devising through our New Works Workshops 
  • Yearly Assessments followed by goal-setting between RYET Member and RYET Staff
  • Middle School and High School Audition Prep for specialized arts schools 
  • College Prep Assistance
  •  Group campus tours, essay writing assistance, help in choosing schools and support in finding financial aid opportunities;
  • Community Service Opportunities
  • Performance Opportunities in Mainstage Productions, Readings, Off-site Events, and Cabarets
  • Access to TADA!’s reference library, including:
  • College and financial aid guides
  • Books on career opportunities in theater
  • Scripts, scenes, monologues, and sheet music
  • Free healthy snacks – NUT FREE ZONE
  • Free use of dance shoes and rehearsal clothing as needed
  • Opportunities to participate in HOTs (Hang Out Time) & Teen Nights 
  • Time to socialize with one another and with families to create a strong sense of community 
  • One free ticket for yourself to each TADA! Production in which you are not cast FOR LIFE!
  • Two free tickets to each TADA! production in which you are cast
  • Double-casting opportunities
  • Valuable experiences that teach life skills such as time management, discipline, accountability, and conflict resolution.
  • Making new friends
  • Being part of a theater community with a built in support system
  • Free tickets to NY Theater and other events
  • Free participation in select TADA! education department classes (subject to availability)
  • Eligibility to assist artistically on a show such as assistant to the director, choreographer, stage manager, or musical director or serving as dance captain
  • Eligibility to assist on production crew for mainstage shows
  • High School juniors and seniors, when double cast, may miss TADA! Performances for shows in which they are cast.
  • Opportunities to learn offstage skills through community service, JobRAP and AMP
  • JobRAP (Job Readiness Apprenticeship Program, high school Principals only), an internship program that offers training for entering the workforce. From creating a resume & cover letter to interview techniques to specific job skills, Principals learn through experience while working closely with a TADA! staff member.
  • Transportation subsidies to get to and from TADA!
  • Leadership opportunities through Youth Council Membership
  • TIPS Program (TADA!’s Incentive Program & Stipend)
  • Private Member/Parent Meetings discussing progress, challenges, how to best serve their needs, goal setting & achievement
  • Contribution & Performance Evaluations/Reports monitoring skills, commitment, tracking performance growth, goal achievement, and artistic achievement
  • Anonymous Surveys & feedback measuring engagement, endorsement, & enjoyment, completed by RYET Members
  • TADA! measures SEL capacities (Self-Management, Academic Self-Efficacy, Social Skills, Positive Identity, Social Capital) via the Hello Insight Metrics Tool. We estimate 80-100% of RYET Members will improve in the following areas every year: Performance Skills & Readiness, Collaboration, Fulfillment of commitments, and Academic & Social Achievement stability/improvement.
  • The ability to collaborate with their peers and adults alike
  • Fulfillment of commitments – to rehearsals, performing, providing community service and attending special events
  • Performance readiness by opening night of productions, workshops and  and/or readings;
  • Performance skills in productions
  • Academic stability and social achievement
  • Acting as responsible, contributing members of the community
  • Demonstrable improvement in happiness, as observed by instructors and staff

The Resident Youth Ensemble program accepts young people for who they are.

By developing a stronger sense of self, and providing avenues for feeling accomplishment, pride, and success, TADA! strives to make growing up easier for New York City children and teens.

Alumni agree that being a part of TADA! did make growing up easier because they had a safe place to be with like-minded people who all wanted to do musical theater. The experience taught them countless skills applicable to any direction they go in life. TADA! is about building a community that becomes a second home; a place to be part of professional productions while also being a kid and having fun.

TADA! is proud of the fact that many of its RYET alumni have gone on to significant achievements in a variety of fields. In addition to some individuals who have become doctors and leaders in business, others have become accomplished filmmakers, ballet dancers, opera singers, stage, film and television actors, and even employees of TADA! itself.

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