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Join Our Board

TADA! Seeks

  • Individuals deeply committed to TADA!’s mission
  • Cultural and professional diversity with resources and/or experience in: real estate, relevant legal services, printing, finance, fundraising, media, celebrity representation, event planning, corporate and government relationships

Board Membership Requirements

TADA!’s Board Members must be aligned with the organization’s mission and meet core requirements, which include:

  • Passionate belief in TADA!’s mission and programs
  • Alignment with the following mission-based principles:
    • TADA! is, first and foremost, a theater company
    • TADA!’s fundamental contribution to children’s lives is in youth development
    • TADA! serves an economically, racially, and culturally diverse group of children
  • TADA! has no set Give / Get limit, as we recognize that Board Members can give in ways more than just financially. The only requirement is that TADA! is one of the top 3 organizations the board member gives to financially. 
  • Primary focus on fundraising
  • Equal focus on ambassadorship, Board recruitment, and resource development
  • No preferential treatment for Board Member’s children in Ensemble program
  • Approximately 4-5 Board meetings per year for which in person attendance is expected
  • 2-4 fundraising or cultivation events per year for which attendance is expected

For more information, please contact

Janine Nina Trevens
Executive and Producing Artistic Director
 212-252-1619 x121 | [email protected]
Grantland Tracy
Associate Director of Development and Outreach
  212-252-1619 x136 | [email protected]
Chalmers Browne
Board President
 [email protected]