Javier Cardenas

Javier Cardenas is a NYC native, where he began his training with the Resident Youth Ensemble of TADA! (RYET) program, where he cultivated his love for the arts. He received pre-professional training from Joanna & Ryan Greer, Jim Colleran, and Janine Nina Trevens. Some of his credits at TADA! include Adventures of Ezra Jack Keats: Maggie and The Pirate (JJ) & Apt. 3 (Sam), Everything About School (Almost), Gumball Gang: Crime Solving Kids (Danny), Princess Phooey (Quintos), & Everything About a Family (Almost).

Javier graduated Magna Cum Laude from Leman College where he received his BFA in Multimedia Performing Arts with a concentration in Dance, and is also the 2022 recipient of the Joan Miller Award for dance excellence. He studied Ballet, Jose Limon, Katherine Dunham, Pearl Primus, Hip-Hop, House, Vogue, improvisation and multimedia production under Michael Manswell, Amy Larimer, Wendell MX oops Cooper, Johanna Meyer, Monica Duncan, Jason Slim007 Rodriguez, Beverly Lopez, Tweetboogie, and Charmaine Charmy Wells.

Professionally, Javier is currently the Associate Director of Artist Development at TADA! Youth Theater. He began teaching hip-hop classes for RYET, and later became a Director/Choreographer throughout NYC Public Schools for TADA! via the education department. He was also Assistant to the Choreographer, Apollo Levine (MJ: The Musical), for The Party (2017), a production produced by New Light Baptist Church at City College of New York. Javier was Assistant Choreographer on Game Changers (2018), Choreographer of Wide-awake Jake (2022) and Adventures of Ezra Jack Keats: Maggie and the Pirate & Apt. 3 (2022) at TADA! Youth Theater. He has also choreographed at the Queer Movers in Movies Festival at BAAD! Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance.

Javier is still performing and competing in multiple dance styles with Heartbreak Crew and Danceworks NYC. IG- @iRjavii