Tuesdays are for Teaching Artists: Chaz Wolcott

Chaz Wolcott

It’s Tuesday, and you know what that means? Tuesdays are for Teaching ArtistsMeet Chaz Wolcott (he/him), a Director and Choreographer teaching artist with TADA! Youth Theater.

Originally from Columbus, Ohio, Chaz now resides in New York City

Get to know Chaz a little better with this fun Q&A!

My whole life changed when I was first exposed to theater as a child – and I want students of all backgrounds to have that same opportunity!

In turbulent times, people rely on artists to create art that distracts them from their troubles or art that encapsulates the struggles they feel and translates it into art. We have a responsibility to help the world cope with this tough situation!

My students! I love watching students have breakthroughs and explore their curiosity about theater!

“What Baking Can Do” from Waitress (I cope with sweets!)

 A cross between Moira Rose (SCHITT’S CREEK) and Selina Meyer (VEEP).

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Chaz Wolcott
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Teaching Artist