J. Chalmers Browne

Chalmers has served on TADA!’s Board since 2009, and has been President since 2015, after two years as Treasurer. Professionally, he is […]

Frank Moy

Frank works for a Hedge Fund based out of Midtown Manhattan. His daughter is currently a member of the RYET at TADA! […]

Monisha Bhayana

Monisha is currently pursuing her MSEd in Educational Theatre from the City College of New York.  She also holds a JD from […]

Brian Burchfield

Brian Burchfield is an investment banker who currently runs the energy and power group at Drexel Hamilton, a service-disabled broker dealer.  Brian […]

Lauren Feldman-Hay

Lauren is currently the Chief Information Officer of Fountain House. She is responsible for leading the organization’s information technology strategy. She is […]