The Resident Youth Ensemble ignites change with Platform of Peace

TADA! Youth Theater has partnered with Limitless Health Institute on their ground-breaking program, Platform of Peace.

Young creators help each other ignite change in the world through theater techniques, writing, and more. Working collaboratively in an online platform, these artists of the new generation develop their visions together. This safe space for creative expression opens up the story of young people’s inner hopes and dreams. The program’s theme is “New You in the New World.”

Members of the Resident Youth Ensemble who identify as BIPOC have been attending sessions since November 18, 2020, to devise a performance piece based on their experiences.

Platform of Peace uses meditation to focus and energize the creative process with purpose and to enhance awareness of the strong emotions that arise around social issues.

Special guest actors, directors, writers, dancers, musicians, provide compelling experiences that address social justice. Participants in Platform of Peace benefit from LHI’s methods for health and happiness as they craft a vision for social change that helps the community.

Platform of Peace will culminate in an online presentation that explores “the times” according to each individual’s written and performed piece. This will take place next Wednesday, January 20, 2021.