Jaadyn Rogers

Jaadyn Rogers (Assistant Stage Manager) is a creator who has developed their artistic skills from a young age. Taking an interest in dance at the age of three, performing and being immersed in the world of theatre has been their path and a deep passion. They soon set their sights on the inner-workings behind the stage where they began to work as stage manager for theatrical productions. In 2017, Jaadyn traveled to Kampala, Uganda to learn the fundamentals of East African dancing; taking them into an appreciation for spreading knowledge of culture through visual storytelling. Jaadyn is a graduate of Howard University, obtaining a B.F.A in Theatre Arts Administration. In July of 2023, Jaadyn received the opportunity to travel back to Africa, serving as a documentarian with Kofago Dance Ensemble to learn West African dance in Dakar, Senegal. Their mission is to use their skills to curate creative visions meant to challenge and inform all viewers.