Ashley St. Juliette

Ashley is a professional New York City-based actress. She studied theatre at the Stella Adler Studio of acting, and on-camera acting at the New York conservatory for dramatic arts. Fond of the Meisner method Ashley looks for the truth in her work and seeks to pull the same from within her students. She has a passion for developing character and stories exploring the voice, body and imagination. Taking the text off of the page and putting it in our bodies to tell compelling and truthful stories to audiences. Ashley is particularly excited to teach acting throughout New York City public schools as it helps students with social and emotional learning. Discovering and developing who they are in some of the scene study and character work they’ll do will be very beneficial as students continue their journey into adulthood. With her background as a professionally trained stage and screen actor, her lesson plans will mirror the nature of the business for when it’s time for students to take center stage. Hearing their unique voices is what Ashley looks for to build upon.