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A fundraising party where kids dance, raise money, bring friends and have a blast!

Saturday, November 21

No parents allowed!

Food, drinks and snacks   |   Professional DJ   |   Contests and games
Giveaways for every dancer    |   Breaks every hour   |   Big prizes

  • Click here and go to "START YOUR OWN FUNDRAISER"
  • Give your page a title (i.e. "My Dance-A-Thon Page"), and include some information about why you're participating. (i.e. "I love TADA! and want any kids to be able to sing, dance and act!").  
  • Follow the instructions on screen to upload a photo and complete your account set up.
  • Confirm or update the details on your page. Be sure to visit the "Manage Campaign" tab for helpful links to share and promote your fundraiser!


  • Saturday, November 21, 6-9pm at TADA!
  • Intended for kids ages 5-12
  • Anyone is welcome and kids are encouraged to bring friends that are new to us
  • Party games (run by a TADA! Teaching Artist), giveaways, prizes and food included
  • 180 minutes of dancing with breaks every hour


  • Participants must raise or donate a minimum of $50 to participate. 
  • Donations will be raised and solicited through an online program called CrowdRise. Each dancer should set up their own page and can solicit donations through their system.  Paper fundraising materials are available too.
  • In order to keep it equitable, prizes are awarded to the dancers who solicit the most individual donations, regardless of how much they raise.  (For example, a kid who raises $1,000 from 15 individual donors loses to a kid who raises $500 from 45 individual donors).
  • Dancers usually raise an average of $300, through a few dancers have raised over well over $1,000.


  • My child is 13, can they still attend? Absolutely.  Ages 5-12 is just a suggested age range.
  • If my child brings a friend, are they also required to give or get $50? Yes, all attendees must meet that minimum and will hopefully gain the experience of successfully fundraising even more!
  • Are there paper materials to use for fundraising? Yes, just ask the next time you're at TADA!.
  • If they set a higher goal on CrowdRise but don't meet it, do we need to pay the difference? Nope.  The only requirement is raising or donating the initial $50 per participant.
  • How should we submit cash donations? You can deliver them the next time you're at TADA! or bring them to the event on 11/21.  Make sure you give us the donors name and mailing address so we can send them a tax-deductible acknowledgment.
  • More Q's? Contact Catie at

    TADA! s a 501(c)3 non-profit organization serving 20,000 children and families each year.