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TADA! Privacy Policy

We encourage you to review our Privacy Policy to understand how your personal information may or may not be used as you take advantage of the many Tadatheater.com offerings and services. This Privacy Policy applies differently to individuals under the age of thirteen. We ask that parents and guardians take some time to review this policy as it may apply to their children, as set forth under the heading "Maintaining the Privacy of Children." By using this web site, you are agreeing to the policies set forth below. Tadatheater.com reserves the right to modify, amend or restate this Privacy Policy from time to time with or without prior notice. Your use of this web site after the posting of modifications to this Privacy Policy will constitute your acceptance of the Privacy Policy as modified. You may direct any questions concerning this Privacy Policy to: webmaster@tadatheater.com.

What Information Do We Collect?

Tadatheater.com collects information in several ways during your visits to our web site. Some personal information is collected when you sign up to receive our newsletter, request to be added to our mailing list or request to be notified of upcoming auditions. Or you may provide personal information when signing up for any promotions offered on our web site from time to time. When you contact us, we may also keep a record of that correspondence. Also, when you make a purchase or register for classes on our site, we may also keep a record of that transaction. Tadatheater.com will endeavor to provide a link to its current Privacy Policy on pages where personal information may be requested. Individuals are free to use this web site without participating in any promotions, newsletter subscription services or commercial transactions, and thereby avoid providing personally identifiable information.

What Are Cookies and How Do We Use Them?

A "cookie" is information that is transferred from a web site's server to your computer's browser and stored on your computer's hard drive. This information is then available to the web site's server when you return to that site using the same browser. This information can be used to identify the user of the browser visiting the site and record, for example, preferences, purchase and use in general. Most major web sites use cookies to customize the on-line experience based on an individual's interests and preferences and in order to streamline transactions by recording frequently entered information. Tadatheater.com currently does not use cookies. We may in the future use cookies to assist returning visitors and customers in other ways. At such time, we will update our Privacy Policy accordingly. At Tadatheater.com we use cookies to store your account information when you make a donation, register for classes or purchase tickets. After your initial visit to Tadatheater.com, this cookie is referenced to  fill in your order form. At no time does Tadatheater.com use cookies to retrieve and other personal or private information from your computer. You may also receive cookies sent by our advertisers, which is a standard practice for on-line advertisers. In most cases, if you choose, you can set your browser to refuse cookies or alert you to their transfer to your browser.

How is My Information Used?

Tadatheater.com currently uses personal information only for its mailing list and recording commercial transactions. In certain cases, you may provide us with credit card information in order to complete a purchase transaction or for verification purposes. We use and transmit this information only to the extent necessary to complete such transactions and only in an encrypted format, unless otherwise expressly noted. We currently do not provide your personal information to third parties. We do however reserve the right to provide addresses of our users to our business partners and other arts organizations, in order to provide our users with information and promotions we believe may be of interest to them. Tadatheater.com offers the opportunity to each of its registered users to be excluded from such distributions by e-mailing us at tada@tadatheater.com and including "Privacy" in the subject line.

Maintaining the Privacy of Children

Tadatheater.com has developed the "For Kids" section of our web site to publish content produced for children. Nonetheless, Tadatheater.com encourages parents and guardians to review in advance the appropriateness of the different areas of our web site for their children. As discussed above, Tadatheater.com may collect information from individuals visiting its web site who may, among other ways, register for a service or request to be put onto a mailing list. Tadatheater.com will not knowingly collect any personally identifiable information from children under the age of thirteen. Therefore, these visitors may not be eligible to participate in certain services or transactions, among other things. It is Tadatheater.com's intention not to participate in the transfer of any personal information of persons under the age of thirteen for any purpose.

A General Reminder

In general, you should always be aware when and where you provide personal information online. Postings of such information on bulletin boards or in chat rooms will make this information publicly available and may result in unsolicited communications.